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5 diet changes to becoming happier and healthier

Starting a new healthy diet is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Many people find they want to start a new diet because they are interested in healthy dieting, but also they are experiencing uncomfortable symptoms. Some of these symptoms include a bloated...

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Do you have enough fibre in your diet?

Are you getting enough fibre in your diet? How do you know if you are? Well, you can take an intolerance test to make sure your diet is optimised for your own body. Studies show that most people with a certain FTO gene variation will generally maintain a good level of...

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Can intolerances affect your healthy state?

Around the world, there is already a load of content and advice on how to get the best out of your health. But people are always telling you what you should be eating, rather than why you should be eating. Don't get us wrong, we believe you should be in a healthy...

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Have you had an intolerant experience?

You might not be aware that you have a food intolerance if you have never had an intolerance test. Coping with, and managing a bloated stomach can be difficult but if you know what foods you need to remove, then it is a lot easier. Test Your Intolerance can help you...

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News stories about allergies in New Zealand

Here at Test Your Intolerance New Zealand, we love a good news story about food allergies and intolerances which highlights that people do care about others and are aware of the severity of allergy symptoms. We decided to dig through the archives and share some good...

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