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5 Ways to Help to be Excited About Winter

Want to be on top form for Winter but you have been feeling a bit under the weather? We know winter is still a couple of months away here in New Zealand, but you can never be over prepared! Thankfully, here at Test Your Intolerance, we have listed 5 reasons for you to...

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Do you have an intolerance to gluten and wheat?

Let's get this straight, having a food intolerance to gluten and wheat can severely affect the way you live and your diet. You spend your time constantly looking for food items and non-food items which do not contain gluten, meaning that meal times can be stressful....

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3 top tips to detoxing your body

Getting ready for Easter?! It's not that far away now! If so, you are probably thinking about indulging in many foods and possibly alcohol. It is possible that you have even overindulged in certain goods, and that is fine, as it happens to the best of us! Make sure...

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How to live with food intolerances

Living with food intolerances can be difficult. Friends, family, and strangers may underestimate or overlook the potential for an adverse reaction. Fortunately, by doing some homework and keeping a positive attitude, you can keep your food intolerances under control...

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