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Many people understand the importance of getting a food allergy or intolerance test now: to fully understand the food and non-food items, they need to avoid to change their diet and feel healthier, but what other benefits are there to choosing your Food Allergies Test? Test Your Intolerance New Zealand has the most obvious reasons you should choose us for our variety of Food Allergies Tests


1 It’s Quicker

Getting a GP appointment isn’t always easy, the wait is long, and doctors can be keen to look at other routes before finally getting the correct allergy or intolerance test that you needed all along. Cut out the middleman and get a Test Your Intolerance food allergies test delivered to your door.


2 It’s less painful

“Allergies affect an estimated 30% of people” according to Consumer. This is when your immune system cannot manage something you have come into contact with, the most common items being gluten, dairy, pet hair, and many other types of food. Many doctors offer a prick test, where you are pricked on your arm or back many times, each of which contains a sample of the item. Ouch! To avoid looking like a pin cushion, just one little pinprick to your finger or a small hair sample is much easier.


3 It’s faster

At Test Your Intolerance New Zealand, we do all our food allergies test in the UK in our own dedicated ISO 9002 lab and have been offering fast turnaround on results for over ten years. Our promise is that you’ll get your results within 7-10 days from when we receive your sample. Faster than a waiting list for a doctor.


4 It’s accurate

Taking a small blood sample to complete your own food allergies test doesn’t seem like a big deal, and it isn’t. Sending in your sample will then allow us to use our ELISA IgE and IgG4 antibody testing on your sample, to quickly get your accurate results to you.


5 We even test pets

Over the last few years, we’ve been investing in new technologies, growing our product range and listing to what the customers want. One thing that kept coming up was accurate pet food allergies tests, so check them out here! Avoid the guesswork with your beloved four-legged friends, and diagnose their allergies quickly.


5 benefits of a Food Allergies Test

Understanding the allergies and intolerances of your family is the modern way to ensuring you can live a healthy life with food varieties, and avoid any potentially dangerous, life-threatening mistakes from unknown allergies.

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