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Food Intolerance Test and being Gluten-Free

Gluten has become the focus of the topics of interest in nutritional medicine today. The food intolerance test for gluten intolerance has thus exceeded the fashion effect. This has been done even in the wave of the gluten-free diet trend. A lot of people choose to...

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Identifying the symptoms of a food intolerance?

Thinking you may have a food intolerance? Well, you should consider taking a food intolerance test. If you think are showing symptoms of a food intolerance, then it is important that you know why. Your body may react to a food intolerance up to 72 hours after you have...

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How can we help those of you with a Dairy Intolerance?

Dairy Intolerance affects the majority of people in New Zealand. The key to the treatment of this condition lies in understanding how the enzyme lactase tends to function, and how it is manufactured in the body. If a person shows the signs of Dairy intolerance...

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Living with a Wheat Intolerance!

Having a wheat intolerance can affect the way you live your life. Test Your Intolerance are devoted to helping those who are living with a wheat intolerance and many other intolerances, as we look to identify, discover and learn how what we are putting into our body...

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4 Tips to help you deal with a Food Sensitivity

It is rightly said that food is medicine for the body. The right food will keep you healthy and the wrong food will mess with your health. But, if you are facing problems in spite of having the right food, then you may be suffering from a food sensitivity. Food...

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