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Have IBS? Get a Food Intolerance Test

When you hear of a condition like IBS, it brings up bathroom-related images and thoughts of stomach pain and other discomforts. These are all accurate to IBS, but other than trying to minimize symptoms, a lot of people never look beyond the diagnosis in order to...

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Can An Intolerance Test Help my Eczema?

Sometimes that your body makes sense and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s not an issue with you necessarily, it’s just the reality that our bodies hare complex machines that require a lot of detail and data to work properly. One of the commonly misunderstood issues is that...

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Common Food Intolerances You May Be Living With

Are you ready to learn about something pretty cool? More than likely, you could have a food intolerance. It’s thought that over 20% of the world’s population actually have a food intolerance, and that number is going only to rise as they get more and more popular in...

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Is Testing for Food Allergies Safe?

So, you’ve decided to look at testing for allergies. Congratulations! You’re on the way to having a better picture of your health. However, do you know what kind of testing you want to get done? Do you know which methods are safe or not safe? There’s a lot to think...

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Why We Check for IgG4 in Food Sensitivity Testing

Perhaps you’ve heard all about the science behind food sensitivity testing and want to know more about it. Or, perhaps you are considering it as a choice for your needs and simply want to know how it works in relation to the results that you are hoping to get....

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