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Is a hidden food intolerance sabotaging your health?

If you think you may have a food allergy or a food sensitivity then you should attempt an elimination diet. This will help your symptoms subside as you will no longer consuming the food that has been causing you a lot of pain. If you need to know what foods you need...

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3 signs you have an alcohol intolerance

Wherever you are in the world, there is a temptation for many individuals to indulge in some alcohol to either relax or make themselves feel better. But could your consumption of that glass of wine or indulging in a gin and tonic actually be causing your intolerance...

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Beating the Bloat

Could you be suffering from food intolerance and you didn't even know about it? Food intolerances plague around one in five adults over in the UK, the Daily Express has reported. If you are wanting to beat the bloat because of a variety of symptoms that present...

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Is your bloated stomach related to a food intolerance?

Summer is here and our thoughts immediately turn to allergies, with headaches and a bloated stomach being caused by hay fever and other allergies. But are your symptoms purely to do with allergies, or are there other factors at play? Your symptoms may be caused by...

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It is important to identify intolerances at an early age

Do you get the impression that more and more children are developing allergies and intolerances than ever before? You may be right, and that is why intolerance testing is increasingly important. It is true that allergies are more prevalent now but there has also been...

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