Celebrate Labour Day With Allergies And Intolerances - Test Your Intolerance New Zealand

Getting together with loved ones for Labour Day is the best way to celebrate. From fun activities to delicious meals to fun and laughter, it’s all about bringing together the best elements to celebrate in style. Labour Day in NZ is centered around celebration and time spent with loved ones while enjoying working day labour laws. Even today, this hard-fought-for holiday is respected and celebrated each year. How do you enjoy the food-filled holiday with allergies and intolerances? Can you improve the party by pursuing allergy and intolerance testing before the big day? Take a look and find out below.

Top Labour Day activities

If you want to explore the top options for celebrating Labour Day, below are some great suggestions to help you maximise your time off.

Visit a museum

Plenty of exciting museums remain open on Labour Day, making for the perfect opportunity to explore something new and interesting. One fantastic choice is The Auckland War Memorial Museum. You can also visit an art gallery or something else entirely if that’s more your speed. Just try to do something that is different and celebratory! Just call ahead first, so you know if they are open!

If that’s not your thing, consider the many choices for Labour Day weekend events. Some of the top annual ones include parades and outings put on by merchants. Sometimes, there are even protest marches for workers’ rights, which can be a really special plan if you want to get in touch with the reason behind Labour Day.

Have a movie marathonTop Labour Day Activities

Another great option is to have a movie marathon at home. You can gather everyone around the TV or consider using a projector to enjoy an outdoor movie theatre in your garden. Don’t forget to plan for snacks and drinks! You can also put everyone’s movie options and suggestions in a hat and pull one randomly, so it’s a fair choice.

Go on a heritage boardwalk

Consider an outside heritage walk along the shoreline if you’re close to Auckland. It’s a great way to get some extra exercise and help you connect with history. This great family event will be an eye-opening experience for those who have never done it before. Make sure everyone dresses appropriately for the weather and have an after-event together to make it special!

Plan a picnic

A picnic is excellent if you and your loved ones are all about the food! You can do this in a public space if you want to be out and about. Or you can do it in someone’s garden with enough space. There are so many options for Labour Day meals that you can’t go wrong. Some of the top options include pork and caper empanadas, lamb and fennel meatballs, or a seed block. The sky is the limit for combinations, and it’s a great excuse to try a bring-a-plate approach, too! Before doing so, however, factor in food risks with allergy and intolerance testing for the whole family! No one wants to spend their time sick, after all.

Have a party

Whether it revolves around food or not, having a party is a wonderful excuse to bring the whole family together and enjoy some festivities. You can design a kid-friendly event if you want to, or keep it adults-only if you intend to break out the grog! Don’t forget to decorate and plan a few events to keep things moving.

Planning for food safety

Whether you’ve gone the picnic route, or you are instead looking at having people over with a selection of appetizers, or you are planning a feed for the whole family, one essential focus should be allergies and intolerances. Since these can commonly go undiagnosed and cause discomfort and food avoidance, it’s a good idea to do your best to factor them in. If you aren’t sure what you’re dealing with, take the time to order allergy and intolerance testing. This way, you’ll have a blank slate to start from.

Remember to ask all of your invitees about allergies and intolerances, too. They will appreciate your kindness and can even offer to bring dietary-friendly sides or meals to make it easier on you! It’s the perfect opportunity to try new food, too! Who doesn’t enjoy that on such a celebratory weekend?

No one has to miss out on the fun and games from the Labour Day weekend. It’ll go best if you take the time to plan for the weekend properly and get others’ input on what is going to go over the best for your invitees! And remember to stay allergy aware with our allergy and intolerance testing to help out!