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What Foods Make IBS Worse?

When you discover that you are living with IBS, it can often feel like you’ve received a food-related death sentence. After all, won’t all food hurt your stomach and cause you no end of discomfort and pain? While it’s true that IBS will cause you to change your diet and your eating habits; it isn’t all […]

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5 tips to Prevent a Bloated Stomach

Most people can relate to the horrible feeling of being bloated, and the sluggishness and fatigue that often accompanies it. It’s incredibly common. But just because it’s common doesn’t mean you should continue to put up with it. Whether it’s a food intolerance, IBS or some other condition causing you regular bloating, the tips for […]

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Beating the Bloat

Could you be suffering from food intolerance and you didn’t even know about it? Food intolerances plague around one in five adults over in the UK, the Daily Express has reported. If you are wanting to beat the bloat because of a variety of symptoms that present themselves due to food intolerance, then an intolerance test […]

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