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Most people can relate to the horrible feeling of being bloated, and the sluggishness and fatigue that often accompanies it. It’s incredibly common. But just because it’s common doesn’t mean you should continue to put up with it. Whether it’s a food intolerance, IBS or some other condition causing you regular bloating, the tips for avoiding it don’t change.

Eat Smaller Meals

Smaller meals are easier on the stomach. Giving it less of a workload means your insides don’t swell up under the pressure. If you notice large meals often result in regret and discomfort, swapping a few daily feasts for regular light meals could help avoid it.


Reduce Sugary Alcohols

If you enjoy the occasional alcoholic drink, you’re not alone, roughly 79% of people in New Zealand consumed alcohol in 2017. What may surprise you is that the sugars in these drinks could be the reason of many cases of chronic bloating. If you noticed reduced bloating while taking part in “Sober for October” it might be an indicator that your drinking habits were the root all along.

Know Your Intolerances

Of course, we couldn’t do a blog on bloated stomachs without mentioning that it’s one of the most common signs of a food intolerance our customers experience. Learning which foods your body is actively fighting against will help you minimise any symptoms they’re causing. Think of it as being given a roadmap with big red X’s marked to warn you of danger.



A celebrated winner amongst IBS sufferers, the FODMAP diet consists of removing (or greatly limiting) indigestible carbohydrates. Several studies on FODMAP foods indicate that the foods can drastically worsen symptoms of IBS, such as bloating.


Get Plenty of Fibre (fend against constipation)

Bloating could just be a sign that you’re getting backed up. Think of it like a conveyor belt, if the food has nowhere to move onto it’ll just collect up in the stomach and intestines until the problem is solved. Keeping a fibre rich diet will help prevent this.

These five tips are a great place to start if you’re suffering from regular bloating. Don’t feel as though you have to live with it forever. Here, you have a guide to fending off that bloat once and for all – or at least, be able to manage it better.