Is your bloated stomach related to what you are consuming? | Test Your Intolerance | Blog

Summer is here and our thoughts immediately turn to allergies, with headaches and a bloated stomach being caused by hay fever and other allergies. But are your symptoms purely to do with allergies, or are there other factors at play? Your symptoms may be caused by food intolerance. This could be one of the foods you are constantly eating, and you can find out if it is food intolerance by ordering an intolerance test. So, think about those foods that you eat, especially if you are often having a BBQ.

So, don’t simply brush that runny nose to one side and dismiss it as an allergy, it could be a food intolerance!

Make sure you can eat your favourite foods

Think back to those foods that you absolutely love, how often do you eat them during summer time? Do they cause you to experience a bloated stomach, a headache, or a runny nose every time you eat them? You may have developed these because you have eaten too much of that certain item. Your bloated stomach or a headache may appear almost every time you eat these foods. Be aware though, that intolerance symptoms may not appear immediately after you eat these foods, but can appear up to 72 hours later.

So, what wine or foods are related to a bloated stomach?

If you have always enjoyed bread and hamburgers, or even the odd sip of Wine then you need to make sure that you do not have an intolerance to. With New Zealand considered around the world as the home of grapes and wine, then we recommend that you find out whether or not you have an intolerance to wine. However, please do make sure it is not an allergy as this could be life-threatening. If, though, it is found to be an intolerance then even though it will still affect your life, it will not be life-threatening. But yes, in fact, that wine that you are consuming or the hamburgers on the BBQ during the summer could actually be causing you more harm than good.

Make sure that your bloated stomach is not related to food intolerance or an alcohol intolerance by ordering your intolerance test today from