5 common food intolerances you need to look out for | TYI New Zealand | Blog

Here are five common food intolerances to look out for within New Zealand. If you suspect that you have a food intolerance then you can order a food intolerance test today which will help you to learn and identify your symptoms. Across the world, the five major food allergens and causes of intolerances include wheat, nuts, shellfish, eggs, and cow’s milk. The thing to be aware of, however, is that a person can have a food allergy or intolerance to any item.


Wheat contains the protein gluten. and if you have a food intolerance or an allergy to wheat then you need to re-evaluate your diet. Be careful to ensure that you do not have a food allergy or are suffering from celiac disease, and if you do think that you are, please consult your health professional immediately.


You’ll find nuts everywhere. Nuts are one of the most common food intolerances worldwide and they also vary in size, taste and make. There are so many nuts that are very important that your allergies and intolerances are taken seriously. Having a nut allergy can result in anaphylaxis shock, which can be life-threatening.


Eggs are a common food intolerance, and again, they are involved in a lot of meals. It is imperative that you make sure you do not have an egg allergy or an intolerance. Common allergic reactions to eggs include skin inflammation, nausea and vomiting, and in some cases, anaphylaxis shock! Make sure that you check the ingredients of your meals, as this is very important.


There are plenty of types of allergic reactions which include tingling int he mouth, skin irritations and diarrhoea. An intolerance is not necessarily life-threatening but it is important that you are able to identify it. Watch out for certain symptoms which are a sign of an intolerance, and try to remove all traces and ingredients of shellfish from your diet.

Cow’s milk

Again, cow’s milk can often be found in meals suitable for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It is a common ingredient that goes with people’s cereal in the morning, wakes them up with caffeine, and is also an integral part of your protein shake if you are on a fitness regime.

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