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Let’s get this straight, having a food intolerance to gluten and wheat can severely affect the way you live and your diet. You spend your time constantly looking for food items and non-food items which do not contain gluten, meaning that meal times can be stressful. Make sure your gluten intolerance does not mean the end of the world for you and the way you eat. Check out some of the answers below to see how we can help you cope with your food intolerance symptoms

What does a food intolerance to Gluten and Wheat mean for your body?

It is a common assumption that wheat is thought of as the primary grain which people have a food intolerance to. However, wheat is often the cause of food intolerance symptoms, and there are other food items which can cause food intolerances and their difficult symptoms, including barley and the lesser known component, gluten. Furthermore, rice and oats can also cause your body to react in many different ways, and all of these food items are accountable for various individual food intolerances throughout New Zealand and further afield.

What should I look out for if I have a food intolerance?

Common food intolerance symptoms of wheat and gluten intolerance include struggling with a bloated stomach, fluctuating weight gain and insufferable fatigue, as well as skin rashes, migraines and joint pain. The list goes on! But, what is important to remember if certain foods come up in your diet, is that even the mildest of food intolerances to certain grains and other ingredients can affect the way a person is able to live their life. It could be the tiniest trace and you could up in a skin rash or have insufferable headaches. Even more importantly, these foods are one of the most common inclusions in any person’s diet, meaning the offending food will be difficult to detect, and thus avoid. An intolerance test can help in this regard, but you should always be careful when picking up food products from the shops as you have to read the ingredients carefully. There are always ingredients which you need to look out for.

We test food intolerances to wheat and gluten items.

Helping you to help yourself, at Test Your Intolerance, we have created a food intolerance testing kit (order yours here), and this highlighting which foods your body is intolerant to, and what grains of wheat and gluten. In total, the tests can look at reactions in your blood to up to 725 food and non-food items and ingredients, depending on what foods you are eating. This can be completed easily by sending us a sample of your hair for our scientists to analyse.

For more information on food intolerances, intolerance testing and alleviating your symptoms, check out our informative website