Food Sensitivity Test: You're two kind | Test Your Intolerance

It’s International Friendship Day! The greatest day of the year for many of us! We get to celebrate with that mate who has been with us through so much and created so many memories. But that’s not even the best bit, you also get to take a food sensitivity test with them! 

When you wake up tomorrow, you will realise how amazing your friends are and how nice it is to celebrate with them. You can go out to town with them, celebrate birthday’s with them, watch the rugby together and even take a food sensitivity test with them. Yes, you read that right, take advantage of our couples and family tests, meaning you can get tested with your best friends for any potential food intolerances!

Celebrate togetherness

So, in the future, when heading out to that rugby game, you don’t have to worry about the food or drink that you and your mates are consuming, you can just focus on the All Blacks winning (we know they always do!). Part of that exciting day out is the meal you go out for afterwards, so imagine what that would be like when you are stress-free of any worries.

Wrap up warm this Winter

Yes, even though we can see Summer over the horizon, there’s still a lot more days of Winter left. What’s better than cuddling up with your partner or warming yourself up with a delicious meal? Not many things, but these events are a lot more enjoyable when you’re not worrying about how your body will react. Nobody wants to have to cut short that romantic evening because of a sensitivity, but why test one of you for sensitivities when you can test for two?! Imagine the thought of both of you chowing down on your luxury meal without worrying about that dodgy meal. This is what a couples Food Sensitivity Test can do!

A Food Sensitivity Test – The perfect gift

Thinking of that perfect gift for a birthday or even, if you plan ahead, Christmas? (It’s not that far away, hehe). Well, you’ve heard of couples retreats and romantic getaways, why not treat your partner to a couples food sensitivity test? This is honestly the best gift you can get for someone, as it can clear the way for a happier and brighter future for you. If you have been whipping up the perfect meal for your family and friends, or your partner, and they have not been feeling great afterwards, it is probably not your cooking, but the fact that you have an intolerance! Put those worries at rest and encourage everybody you know to undertake a food sensitivity test, it could be a life-changer.

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