Home Intolerance Testing: Mystery Menopauses and Developing Symptoms

According to the Daily Mail in the UK, recent research from Oxford University has revealed that there has been a rise in women who are developing allergies and intolerances during middle age. Many people cannot understand why, but home intolerance testing is just one of the solutions that can help to deal with allergies and intolerances. Have a look at our 3 ways you can identify your intolerances with Test Your Intolerance New Zealand.

1)    Home Intolerance Testing

The first thing we can suggest is a home intolerance test to help you deal with the mystery symptoms that you are suffering from. Intolerances can develop at any point in your life, particularly if it is a food intolerance. There are many reasons why this may be, including an overindulgence in certain foods which means your body may simply not be able to tolerate any more of the food. Home intolerance testing with Test Your Intolerance New Zealand which identifies your potential intolerances will give you a clearer indication of what you can continue to eat and what you cannot. So, if you are experiencing menopause and have overindulged on certain foods, then you may have developed an intolerance.

2)    Watch what you eat and where you are

According to the story in the Daily Mail, a woman in her menopause was on holiday when she started experiencing allergy symptoms. What were they? Itchy eyes and a runny nose, both of which can be an incredible annoyance to someone and are likely the symptoms of an allergy or an intolerance. What were the women suffering from? Hay fever. Why is this weird? Many people tend to think that intolerances and allergies are developed at birth or in childhood, but this story has highlighted that intolerances and allergies can develop at any age. Therefore, you must watch what you eat and what environment you are in. What can help you find out more about your intolerances? Home Intolerance testing.

3)    Seek Help

If your results from home intolerance testing have indicated that you may be intolerant to foods or environmental factors, then you now know that you should try and avoid them. If you need help to learn how to avoid them or how to cope, then please do seek help from a GP or a qualified nutritionist. They should be able to help you to work on your diet, and advise you where you can go to avoid these symptoms. One thing that is very popular with people of all ages is an elimination diet, in which you eliminate potentially harmful foods.

One of the most important things to take away from this is that intolerances and allergies can develop at any point in someone’s life. If you think you may have developed an intolerance, then please do log on to www.testyourintolerance.co.nz and see how home intolerance testing can benefit you.