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Do you get the impression that more and more children are developing allergies and intolerances than ever before? You may be right, and that is why intolerance testing is increasingly important. It is true that allergies are more prevalent now but there has also been an increase in reporting. This is good news as it highlights that people are taking allergies and intolerances in their children far more seriously. 

The rise of allergy testing and intolerance testing

Think back, as the NZ Herald points out, to when you were at school. Was everyone suffering from a nut, dairy or gluten allergy whilst you were at school? They may well have been, but no one knew. This is why allergy testing and intolerance testing is becoming increasingly important, as it is enabling people to enjoy their lives a lot more.

How important is identifying your intolerances?

Identifying your intolerances and allergies is so important. You cannot simply dismiss your headache or a runny nose as just ‘one of those things’ anymore, as it may be what you are eating that is causing this issue. To truly understand what an intolerance or an allergy is doing to your body, you should check out our website and find out how intolerance testing can help you.

How can you cope with a food intolerance?

By identifying your intolerances, you can learn and discover what foods are causing you to experience your symptoms. If every time you tuck into some fruit, you get a headache, experience stomach issues or develop a skin rash then the chances are that item will be highlighted on your report. Don’t worry though, if this item is a particular staple of your diet, it is not the end of it. Intolerance testing does not just help you to identify what is making you sick, it can tell help you reorganise your diet accordingly.

Use an Elimination Diet

Once you have identified your food intolerance through food intolerance testing, you can change your diet to ensure that you don’t eat any foods that you have an intolerance to for six to eight weeks. Once this time has passed, you can start eating that food again without any of those horrible symptoms. So, why wouldn’t your order an intolerance test?

To find out more about intolerance testing, please log on to and order your intolerance test today.