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Problem Foods

Food intolerances and allergies are on the rise across the country. With symptoms ranging from subtle (bloating & fatigue) to extreme (difficulty breathing & diarrhoea) finding your food sensitivities is more important than it ever was. Fortunately, with Test Your Intolerance, it’s also easier than it ever was. Using our scientifically-validated blood tests or bioresonance hair tests, you can get a more complete understanding of your body and the way different foods affect it.

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What do we test?

We test your sample against up to 975 different potential sensitivities to give you the best chance of identifying yours, including the top 5 most common allergies & intolerances: Wheat and Gluten, Dairy, Milk, Eggs, as well as Pollen. 

Our Tests

Test Your Intolerance are passionate about finding the problem food causing your health issues. Our blood testing is scientifically validated, ensuring you receive dependable results you can use to optimise your health and our bioresonance hair testing can assess you against up to 975 different items.
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We offer a range of tests to suit all needs and budgets. Our blood tests are validated by science and, using the latest technology, can provide you with dependable results that you can use to make the changes you need to clear up your symptoms and enjoy a new, healthier lifestyle. Using a small sample of blood we can help you identify the foods you need to avoid to achieve your goals.

We also offer bioresonance hair testing which can help you identify your sensitivities from up to 975 different items. Testing such a wide range of potential sensitivities helps give the best chance of finding your problem foods.

These tests help you to take control of your body, and this can set you on your way to managing your own food allergies and intolerances..

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