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Do you have a banana allergy or an intolerance?

Banana Intolerance. What are the symptoms of a banana intolerance?

Around the United Kingdom, bananas are one of the most popular foods. There are around 5 billion bananas eaten every year, which is probably why some of us develop a banana intolerance.

Are bananas good for you?

From a young age, people are always taught that eating bananas is beneficial for you. A banana is one of the most versatile fruits available, and they usually reach the UK in special packaging which enables to keep their natural goodness. Bananas are rich in nutrients and high in slow-release sugars, meaning they contribute to a healthy diet. Bananas can help us to relax our gut but if we overindulge on them, it can cause a banana intolerance.

coping with a banana intolerance

What is a banana intolerance?

Food intolerance can cause a variety of symptoms such as a bloated stomach, headache, or fatigue. An intolerance can develop if you have overeaten a particular item, and your gut may become affected. For some, the benefits of eating bananas can actually see an individual continue to eat bananas despite having a banana intolerance. Having a food intolerance can be very uncomfortable, and it is important that you identify your symptoms. Please do make sure you take any symptoms seriously, and if you suspect it may actually be an allergy to bananas, please consult your GP immediately. Don’t worry though, as the symptoms of an allergy and intolerance may be similar, you can identify the difference here.

Banana allergy

A banana allergy is completely different to a banana intolerance and a lot more severe. The symptoms of an allergy will appear a lot quicker (2-4 hours) than an intolerance (up to 72 hours), and an allergic reaction is a lot more severe. Symptoms of an allergy include swelling of facial features such as lips and tongue, whilst wheezing, cramps and diarrhoea typically occur immediately after you have ingested a banana.

banana intolerance or allergy

For more information on banana allergy and banana intolerance, please check out Test Your Intolerance and we will be able to help you identify your symptoms.   

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