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Why do I have a Bloated Stomach?

Why do you have a Bloated Stomach? Could it be because of your foods?

Having a bloated stomach can be painful, distressing and just plain annoying. It is a symptom that can appear at any point and any time and could be the result of a food intolerance. A bloated stomach is also known as abdominal bloating and anyone can get it, regardless of their age.

Your first step will be to identify the cause of your symptoms. It could be anything but you should never take anything to chance. What if it is a food intolerance? Then you should order a food intolerance test. Of course, it could be a food allergy and that means a different test will be necessary. However, we believe at Test Your Intolerance that identifying your intolerances through blood testing and bioresonance hair testing is just as important as identifying your food allergies.

Does everyone experience Bloat?

Bloating is one of the more common symptoms which see our customers complaining about. Bloating can often be attributed to a food intolerance but of course there are many causes. This is why it is so important to take an intolerance test and find out if the reason you are bloating is that of what you are eating. A regular symptom, bloating can affect both men and women across the globe, although there is no clear scientific evidence to determine what causes Bloat.

But what exactly is Bloat?

It will often appear at annoying times, usually just before a big event that we are attending. If your bloat is caused by a food intolerance then you can stop this from happening at annoying times. Sometimes you will feel overweight and gassy, and this is a form of bloat that can come your way.

The pain and appearance of bloating can range from mild to severe in terms of seriousness, and this feeling has been described by many as having a full belly despite barely eating anything at all. Bloating appears in many forms and others who have experienced bloating have stated that they feel a heavy and uncomfortable feeling in the abdomen. In some cases, those who are suffering from bloating have stated their abdomen feels enlarged. However, there is not always a visible physical change.

Changes to your lifestyle to cope with Bloating

There are several things that can be done in order to stop you suffering from symptoms such as bloating. One way to beat the bloat is taking a walk after consuming your meal, as this will set your bowel movements going and will be a good way to the nudge the contents of the bowels along.

This is because exercising releases certain hormones which work to encourage activity in the bowels. What else helps? Avoiding foods like bubbly drinks including Beer causes a build-up of air and so this will help you to stop feeling bloated. You should also be careful, as although vegetables are beneficial and essential to a balanced diet, they are sometimes poorly digested and cause bloat.

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