4 Tips to help you deal with a Food Sensitivity | Test Your Intolerance New Zealand

It is rightly said that food is medicine for the body. The right food will keep you healthy and the wrong food will mess with your health. But, if you are facing problems in spite of having the right food, then you may be suffering from a food sensitivity.

Food sensitivity can be a condition where even the healthiest food can be harmful to your body.

But the good thing is that it does not remain forever. You can always get rid of it anytime once you start avoiding the food which gives you problems. It has been observed that if you stay away from intolerant food for a period of six months, the food sensitivity disappears.

However, a food sensitivity can resurface at any time.

Here are some tips that you can follow in order to get rid of food sensitivity issues:

1) Get a food sensitivity test done

When you get a test for food intolerance done, you get a clear idea of the kind of food you must avoid. This is the first step if you want to get rid of food intolerance.

2) Exclude the harmful food from the diet.

You can take out the food which your test report has shown to be harmful to you and remove it from your diet. Don’t worry though, you can potentially reintroduce the food to your diet after the recommended 6-8 weeks.

3) Use food rotation strategy.

Keep your immune system balanced by trying a variety of food items. Food sensitivity is mainly caused due to too much of exposure to a particular type of food.anything can cause a food sensitivity

4) Take probiotics to restore your gut

Food sensitivity is very much related to your gut health. Once your gut restores you will find that the food which troubled you in the past, will now be easily digestible.

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