5 ways to be excited about Winter | Intolerance Test | Test Your Intolerance

Want to be on top form for Winter but you have been feeling a bit under the weather? We know winter is still a couple of months away here in New Zealand, but you can never be over prepared! Thankfully, here at Test Your Intolerance, we have listed 5 reasons for you to be excited about the Winter which should help you to avoid your food allergies and intolerances. If you’ve not tried an intolerance test or allergy test then this is the solution for you.

1) You must identify your food allergies

Feeling excited winter? Yes?! Is that because you have had an allergy test and now know exactly what you can and cannot eat without experiencing any allergy symptoms? That’s amazing!

We cannot stress enough how important it is that you identify your food allergies and intolerances. Now that you can with our allergy and intolerance tests, you should see a difference in your allergy and intolerance symptoms and feel a lot better. You want to eat cleaner and better which will make you feel both happier and healthier in yourself.

2) Shout about your food allergies and intolerances

Please let those people around you know, as if you are suffering from allergies and intolerances then your friends and family need to know how to react if you have a reaction. Even if you are experiencing a headache then you need to be able to explain why are you feeling like that and they will let you have a lie-down.

It may also take away the panic you were feeling about going out to an event or a party and the thinking that you are not being able to eat anything. At Test Your Intolerance, we can help you identify exactly which items you are intolerant or allergic to so that you don’t have to avoid entire food groups.

3) There are always alternatives to food allergens

If you’re going on a night out or are going to a restaurant, then you need to know what the alternatives are to food allergens. You do not need to worry about food allergens as there are plenty of alternatives to choose from, but you do need to know which food items will cause your intolerance symptoms.

Perhaps you don’t want to be the ‘fussy one’ and worry ahead of social events, but this shouldn’t affect the way you think. If you have taken an allergy or an intolerance test and you can now pinpoint what you cannot eat, then you do not need to be the fussy one, as you will be prepared.

Regardless, you should not be afraid of speaking your mind, as your health and safety are far more important than how you appear to others. Allergy testing and intolerance testing are serious matters, so make sure you identify your allergies and intolerances.

4) You can be a Happier, Healthier You

Winter is appearing on the horizon. Jumping into Winter, you are most likely gathered inside with your family, preparing to tuck into a delicious Christmas dinner and feel warm and comfortable. You don’t need to imagine how much better it would be if you knew that you won’t experience any dodgy allergy or intolerance symptoms.

5) An Intolerance Test can Drive Your Future

It is now time to enjoy your winter. Taking an Intolerance test is simple with Test Your Intolerance. We work hard to understand exactly what you can and can’t eat. It is beneficial for you as you can now have the Winter you want and deserve. Feeling merry yet?

If you’ve been feeling any of the above symptoms and want to clarify whether you have a pollen intolerance, an intolerance test will help give you a better understanding. Find out more at https://www.testyourintolerance.co.nz.