7 Food Intolerance Symptoms - Test Your Intolerance New Zealand

No one out there wants to be dealing with food intolerance symptoms. Mild or severe, they’re painful and embarrassing and can really cause a problem in your day to day life. However, a lot of people don’t even know that they’re dealing with a food intolerance. They assume it was a bad lot of fish or that they’re really coming down with the flu. To help you see that there might be something else going on, here are 7 food intolerance symptoms that you may be missing.

Common food intolerance symptoms

There are quite a few food intolerance symptoms that can you could experience. Most of these will happen approximately a half-hour after a meal or even several hours after. That’s why logging your food, and any strange symptoms you have can be helpful in putting together the pieces.

  1. Excessive bloating: Sometimes we can bloat after a large meal or eating particularly rich foods, but if you notice bloating after a small portion of something or even a simple snack, there could be something more serious causing your stomach to balloon up!
  2. Flatulence and stomach “chattering”: No one likes to have flatulence, but it is a common problem with food intolerances. This is often accompanied by stomach chattering. This can often feel like rumbling, but more random and a lot more constantly. Your stomach will start making strange noises as it struggles to digest and process the food you’ve eaten.
  3. Heartburn or acid reflux: If you find that you are having more instances of heartburn to acid reflux, this is another sign that your stomach is working hard at breaking something down. The more it has to work, the more acid it creates, and this creates a problem with acid backing up into the throat.
  4. Upset stomach: Nausea or just general stomach upset is another symptom. It could be floating in and out or just a constant annoyance for a few hours after eating. Your overall stomach sensitivity could also play a role in this.
  5. Sore joints and fatigue: If you feel sore and physically exhausted, it’s possible that your food is draining your energy. As your stomach processes, it calls energy from other parts of the body to help, and this can leave you lacking in energy.
  6. Congestion and feeling ill: Having a headache or congestion and even mental fog is another common symptom. It could feel like you have the flu coming on, but it could just be something you ate.
  7. Diarrhoea: No one’s idea of a good time, but having diarrhoea throughout the evening or even the next morning is one of the more popular food intolerance symptoms.

If any of these food intolerance symptoms sound familiar, it might be a good idea to try logging your symptoms with a food log, as mentioned. If you notice a pattern, consider getting a food intolerance test to help you to see what’s going on in your body and what is causing so much upset with your digestive tract. You’ll be able to avoid those horrible symptoms the easy way. Knowledge is power, after all!