Test Your Intolerance New Zealand | 7 steps to keep your house allergy-free this winter

Keep your house allergy-free this Winter

With Winter having crept up on us, some of us have not got our house winter-friendly in Australia. Whether you live on your own or with your family, there are many reasons which mean you having an allergy have skyrocketed. Therefore, it is vital that you take an allergy test to find out what (food and non-food) items you are allergic to. Here at Test Your Intolerance, we have outlined the signs that you suffer from either an allergy or intolerance to certain items.

1) Symptoms

Firstly, it is important to realise the effect that some items are having on your body. You may not even realise it at the time, but with a real wealth of environments throughout New Zealand, your body has to adapt to certain cultures on a regular basis. Check your body for rashes and start keeping a food diary as you look to ascertain which foods are causing your body the most harm. Other major signs that you may have an intolerance to something include headaches, fatigue, bloating and feeling sick. If you have these symptoms, an allergy test may be the perfect test for you.

2) Testing times

Dealing with your symptoms can be a testing time for many, especially when you learn you have an intolerance or an allergy to a certain food. If you decide to take up the option of taking a test with us, you will receive a comprehensive report with your hair sample being tested against 600 food and non-food items. Our expert team will go the extra mile to ensure that you fully understand your results and can take in what this means moving forward. It may lead to you altering your diet, being careful about what you do outside, and what environments you encounter. All results include items identified as showing a reaction of 85% and over. Having conducted many thousands of bioresonance hair tests, we at Test Your Intolerance we believe this percentage to represent the point for which most symptoms arise.

3) Be aware of your environment

New Zealand has one of the highest incidences of allergy in the world, with more than four million people affected. Although many of these are associated to Summer all over the world, in New Zealand these are increasingly prevalent in the Winter. Forget spiders, snakes and other creepy crawlies, allergies are the ones to watch out for in New Zealand.

4) Don’t let the cold beat you

The temptation during the cold winter months is to shut all the windows, turn the heating on and wrap up warm. One of these isn’t recommended as it can cause issues in your home. Alongside all the food-related allergies we may face, we can sometimes bite back against other allergies, including the build-up of mould. Closing all the vents and windows in our house will keep us warm but may not stop us sneezing. This is because mould and dust mites can build up without fresh air and can cause more harm to our body than we think.

5) Don’t forget about the food

Remember, even though we are focusing on keeping away the environment allergies this winter, there are still foods that we can’t eat. We must not neglect these allergies as they are still harmful. As there is still no cure for food allergies, an intolerance test with Test Your Intolerance will enable you to be aware of what foods are still harmful to you and which items you are intolerant to.

6) Be Sensible

Essentially, even though hay fever will not be an issue in the Winter (we hope), there are always potential allergens which your body cannot tolerate. We recommend you stay vigilant, but do continue to enjoy yourself this Winter, tucking into delicious food and airing out your house.

7) Come to Test Your Intolerance, we are continuing to improve lives

Yep, we want to enable you to help yourself. After receiving your results and taking heed of our tips for an enjoyable Winter, there are other ways which we love to help you. If you are worried about your results, you can have a free consultation by email with our in-house nutritionist. Also, you can speak to our fantastic customer service team at Test Your Intolerance, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week online, via LiveChat.