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You might not be aware that you have a food intolerance if you have never had an intolerance test. Coping with, and managing a bloated stomach can be difficult but if you know what foods you need to remove, then it is a lot easier. Test Your Intolerance can help you with this, as we offer a range of tests which help you to learn and identify the offending foods in your diet. 

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We’ve had plenty of people come to us who have had a really good experience when identifying their intolerances. An intolerance test has seen people get rid of their troublesome symptoms, some of which include headaches, fatigue and even a bloated stomach.

Have you ever been experiencing intolerances?

A lot of people are surprised by the results that they received after an intolerance test. This is because they could have been suffering from a food intolerance all this time, but they never knew it. Think about it for a second…

Have you felt that your bloated stomach is because you have eaten too much? It could actually be due to a food intolerance. What major foods are part of your diet? If dairy, wheat or even nuts are a major part, then there is a serious chance that you need to an intolerance test. This could reveal that you need to eliminate the offending items from your diet for up to six weeks.

28 days later

However, if you are suffering from intolerance. then we will guide you through the process of an elimination diet. We will send you 28 days of general advice and nutrition tips about how to ensure that you get the best out of your intolerance testing experience.

By following these tips, you can guarantee that you get the best out of your elimination diet, and move forward with Test Your Intolerance. Alleviate your bloated stomach with Test Your Intolerance today.