Happy Father's Day | Intolerance Test | Test Your Intolerance

Ever heard of the saying, ‘We are all in this together’? If you have then you will know exactly how we feel at Test Your Intolerance. We want you to have this feeling as well, as you enjoy your Father’s Day as a family together. So, why not treat your father to an intolerance test or the whole group to a family test? It could see everybody in your family’s life change for the better, as the symptoms that everybody has been feeling start to subside.

Food sensitivities can make us feel self-conscious, and so it is important that we know how to identify our intolerances and manage them. The first step is simple so look below at our easy 3-step process which will guide you through the journey of discovering your intolerances, managing them, and then possibly reintroducing your problem foods. If you all find out you are sensitive to the same thing (quite possible), then you can follow this journey as a family.

Take an intolerance test

Yep, take an intolerance test with us. Simply by ordering the test of your choice, you will then receive a detailed report of your results, which will identify exactly which food and non-food items you should avoid. Once you have read the report then you should then start to plan your elimination diet, which is explained below.

Do an elimination diet

It is exactly what it says it is. You should eliminate your troublesome foods from your diet which have shown up after your intolerance test. So, if the offending food is chicken or cheese, then you should make sure that you avoid chicken or cheese in any of your meals. When doing an elimination diet, it is recommended that you stick to homemade meals rather than takeaways or eating out, as you will then know exactly what you are putting into your meals. Should you have an event or party to go to whilst you are on your diet, then simply ring ahead and find out if they have any alternative meals and explain your intolerances. Whilst you undergo your elimination diet, you should begin to see your symptoms subside. can an intolerance test help you enjoy father's day?

Reintroduce the foods

Yes, it is true! Once you have avoided certain foods for up to six to eight weeks, you can reintroduce them. Depending on how you feel, you may not want to reintroduce them in case the symptoms return. If you do reintegrate these items back into your routine, then you should measure how you feel after each consumption. Keeping a food diary is great in this respect, as you can monitor how much of each ingredient makes you feel ill.

Remember, although your whole family may have similar intolerances, they will not necessarily present the same symptoms. By ordering a family intolerance test, you can ensure the whole family can work together to put their intolerances aside and cope with them.

If you do want to know more about intolerances, or you are considering taking an intolerance test, then please do log on to www.testyourintolerance.co.nz to find out more. If you cannot decide which test is for you, then please do chat with our customer service advisors who will be happy to help you. They work 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.