Food Intolerance and its Relationship to Acne - Test Your Intolerance New Zealand

Food intolerances and sensitivities cause a lot of symptoms that often get attributed to other issues in our bodies. Some get missed entirely, even. Many people can go their whole lives without even realizing that a food intolerance is causing seemingly random symptoms that don’t appear to be related. A prime example of this is food intolerance and acne.

How do Food and Acne Relate to Each Other?

First and foremost, it’s important to note that food and acne do have a relationship. Think about how eating “bad” food leads to breakouts. Sure, so do stress and fatigue, but bad food is one of the worst causes of a breakout. The breakout is often in clusters on the forehead, the chin or around the mouth. Eating poor quality food that is low in nutritional value will lead to breakouts.

The Role of Food Intolerance

If your face is prone to breakouts because you aren’t eating skin-happy foods, it reckons that it will also break out when you are eating something that doesn’t agree with you, correct? That is exactly the case with food intolerance. When you have a food intolerance — assumed to be undiagnosed — it means that your body simply doesn’t compute with that food ingredient.

When you are dealing with a food that doesn’t agree with you, the disagreement can then show up in a breakout of acne. Perhaps it’s a concentrated breakout such as with poor quality food, but it might just be a general breakout or even a few dots here and there. At any rate, food intolerance is one of the commonly overlooked symptoms or signs or dealing with food intolerance.

A Note About Acne

It’s important to note that food intolerance is different for a food allergy and acne is a sign of an intolerance and not an allergy. It is also important to make sure that acne and breakouts are not confused with hives or rashes, which can be signs of an allergy and not an intolerance.

As well, just because you are dealing with acne or a breakout of acne doesn’t mean that you have a food intolerance. It could just be a case of having oily skin, or simply a predisposition to acne. This is especially so in teens and young adults.

With seeing if there’s a connection between your food intolerance and acne, you want to understand the relationship between the two — taking note of how your skin is normally, and then comparing it, to seemingly random breakouts are the first step. From there, it’s also helpful to make sure that you look for other common symptoms of food intolerance to see if there is further proof that you are dealing with one. Understanding how it all comes together is about taking note of your own body and how it relates to the food that you are eating.