3 things which should definitely be on your checklist | Intolerance Symptoms | Blog

Living with a food intolerance means that you have to be prepared for anything that arises, including your intolerance symptoms which are similar to a headache or a bloated stomach.

Food Intolerance Symptoms

Intolerance symptoms can be caused by anything, including alcohol, fruit and other things which may be a common part of your diet. Below are three things which MUST be on your intolerance checklist:

1) Be Prepared

Before you go out to eat, before you cook at home, before you leave the house, always stop to think: ‘Have you got everything you need to manage your intolerance symptoms?’ & ‘Have you planned ahead?’. If the answer is no, then pause for a minute and think about what you need to do to manage your intolerance symptoms. Check the labels of your food for potential allergens and intolerances, as these will have an effect on your life.

2) Follow the three steps

You need to follow these three steps to avoid any potential intolerance symptoms. At the supermarket, check the ingredients. When you get home, check the ingredients when you are putting the food items away. When you are about to serve your food items, do one last check of the ingredients. The last thing you want is to avoid any intolerance symptoms. so get on it now!

3) Know your signs and intolerance symptoms

Your symptoms will not always be the same, they can arrive in many different ways, including severity and longevity. If someone often suffers from IBS or diarrhoea, then if they have a whole meal which contains items that they are intolerant to, they are likely to suffer from various symptoms.

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