3 tips for detoxing to get rid of food intolerance symptoms | Test Your Intolerance | Blog

Getting ready for Easter?! It’s not that far away now! If so, you are probably thinking about indulging in many foods and possibly alcohol. It is possible that you have even overindulged in certain goods, and that is fine, as it happens to the best of us! Make sure though, that you don’t develop a food intolerance because of what you have been eating. 

Don’t give up

It is easy to fall back into a bad routine once you have devoured a load of junk food, but we encourage that you do not give up on your healthy diet. Just remember to tell yourself that it is sometimes completely normal, particularly if you are on holiday, to slip into some old bad habits. Just speak to yourself and give yourself the encouragement you need! STAY POSITIVE!


If you are feeling a bit bloated and feel like you to need some shed pounds, one of the best ways is exercise. If you’re feeling a bit guilty, try to add some high-intensity cardio into your exercise routine. When you start to sweat, just remind yourself that it is the bad foods leaving your body… This will give you the motivation you need! However, do be careful as you WILL NOT feel like doing this sort of cardio if you are experiencing food intolerance symptoms.

Detox Recipes

All over the world, there are thousands of recipes which will help you to recover from food intolerance. You can find pretty much anything you want with just the click of a button. Guess what… You can also get recipes, advice, and food intolerance tests when you sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page!

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