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Oh no! It turns out that our constant sneezing wasn’t a direct result of us suffering from a cold, but actually the fact that we were suffering from an allergy. It is a lot harder to cope with allergies and intolerances than just the common cold, but it is even harder if you are not sure what is causing them! So, if you are sneezing lots and lots, it could be allergies or if you have constant stomach issues like bloat or headaches then we have the solution for you.

With winter not long away now (it will come round quicker than you think!), it is important you know what allergies and intolerances you have. This is because you could be suffering from symptoms which include nausea, headaches, a bloated stomach or some other symptoms. Regardless of whether or not it is hot or cold, you should always drink plenty of water. Whether or not the sun is shining, you can never run away from your allergies or intolerances without taking certain steps. Find out what the first step you need to take is to help better yourself and alleviate your food allergy symptoms with an intolerance test.

Sprinting, jogging, walking, jumping: Exercising is the best way forwards. A food intolerance test can help you identify whether or not it is a food that is causing your cold-like symptoms, but these suggestions are the best way to manage your runny nose.

With Autumn on the way, there has never been a more important time for you to deal with your allergies and intolerances, as when winter comes around it might be too late. If you think intolerance testing or allergy testing would be right for you, then please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team via email which you can access on our website