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If you think you may have a food allergy or a food sensitivity then you should attempt an elimination diet. This will help your symptoms subside as you will no longer consuming the food that has been causing you a lot of pain. If you need to know what foods you need to eliminate from your diet, then please order an intolerance test from Test Your Intolerance and we will guide you through the process in your report.

For the time being, whilst your order your intolerance test, you can check out these three signs that you may have a food sensitivity that you did not even know about:

1) You aren’t losing weight

We get it, you’re struggling to lose weight despite eating a very healthy diet and exercising every day. If you are eating foods that aren’t digested properly in your body then you may become inflamed. There is a probability that you will experience a bloated stomach, a headache or skin rash if you are eating foods that your body doesn’t like, so watch out!

2) You struggle to stay away from foods

If you find yourself craving foods ALL the time, then this is the case of food sensitivity. If you constantly eat the same foods then you can develop a food sensitivity to them, as food intolerances are often caused by overindulgence or overexposure, so please do be careful.

3) A runny nose all year round

Does your runny nose ever end? Are your eyes itching all the time? Is your bloated stomach constantly appearing every time you eat and damaging your confidence? If so, it is likely to be a food intolerance. Make sure that your runny nose or bloated stomach are not being caused by food intolerance, as these are both common symptoms of food intolerance.

For more information on intolerance testing, please log on to to order your food intolerance test. Our customer service advisors work 24 hours a day, 5 days a week and are always happy to help with any questions that you may have.