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Can a milk intolerance severely impact your health? In one simple answer, yes. But there are many ways in which a milk intolerance can impact your life. You should not waste time letting the subsequent symptoms get to you, and should take action with an intolerance test. Find out today with Test Your Intolerance whether or not it is a food intolerance that is causing your bloated stomach, headaches or migraines. With milk being enjoyed everywhere and by everyone for years and years, make sure you can consume it. 

By simple definition, milk is a nutrient-rich fluid which female mammals produce in order to feed their young. But why is it so beneficial? And why should an intolerance test help you?

1) Milk is bursting with nutrients

Packed with nutrients, the nutritional profile of milk is very impressive. Many people work hard to ensure that their children are getting enough nutrients when they are younger, and milk is one of the best ways to pump the body with nutrients. Giving you all the vitamins and minerals you need, going without milk could be detrimental to your health. The good news is that there are plenty of milk alternatives out there, all across New Zealand and further afield.

2) Milk provides you with protein

We know we’re going on about it, but milk is an absolute must when it comes to protein and nutrients. But why does that matter? Well, if you have a milk intolerance then you probably won’t be getting enough protein in your diet. Vital for all of your functions in your body, including your body development and also growth, it can also regulate your immune system. Of course, this could all be upset if you are not consuming milk, but you absolutely MUST not consume milk if you suspect that you have a milk intolerance or definitely if you have a milk allergy.

 3) Milk may prevent weight gain

Like drinking water, drinking milk can actually help prevent weight gain, if it is drunk in moderation. Imagine when you drink glasses of water and it helps you to feel full, drinking a glass of milk could have the same effect. If milk makes you feel full then there is a decent chance that if you drink it, you will skip that snack. So, if you need to continue to get your fix of milk, there are plenty of alternatives to look out for. Check out our website to find out more about milk intolerance and other food intolerances.

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