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Here at Test Your Intolerance New Zealand, we love a good news story about food allergies and intolerances which highlights that people do care about others and are aware of the severity of allergy symptoms. We decided to dig through the archives and share some good news allergy stories which should encourage you to try intolerance testing yourself. Be aware, some of these stories may not be considered ‘good news’ but it is still very important that we share them.

Hiwinui School goes egg-free due to food allergies

Manawatū’s Hiwinui School is all about being inclusive, so much so principal Brenda Leigh didn’t hesitate to make the whole school egg-free for one pupil. 🥚❌ We think it’s brilliant that they’re taking allergies so seriously, that said, opinions are divided in the comments across the country. What do you think? Let us know on our Facebook page.

Allergy community cries go unheard

Wow. Stuff has reported that Pharmac are unlikely to fund an EpiPen despite pleas from the allergy community. Knowing what to do about your symptoms is just as important as identifying them, so it should not be made harder to deal with your allergies and intolerances. Allergy NZ commented on the matter saying it was ‘beyond ridiculous’ that this was continuing to happen. The EpiPen device could save the life of someone who is suffering from an allergic reaction. Order your very own intolerance test here.

Food allergies are facing an alarming rise

The rise of food allergies is alarming many of us in New Zealand. This is despite the fact that some people do not even know what food allergens are causing their symptoms, or whether or not they are suffering from a food intolerance. Ordering an intolerance test from here would be the first step in stopping your symptoms, and lead you to live a happier and healthier life. Imagine being able to consume as many foods as possible without worrying about how your body will react.

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