What are the symptoms of a food intolerance? | Blog | TYI New Zealand

Thinking you may have a food intolerance? Well, you should consider taking a food intolerance test. If you think are showing symptoms of a food intolerance, then it is important that you know why. Your body may react to a food intolerance up to 72 hours after you have ingested a certain item, and so please do be careful. Symptoms of a food intolerance can be immediate or delayed up to 20 hours after a food is eaten.

What are the symptoms of a food intolerance that you should watch out for?

Symptoms of a food intolerance can sometimes be attributed to something else completely, and you may list them as something else. If you suspect you may have a food intolerance, then you should look out for symptoms including bloating and wind, eczema(!) or even nausea as these may all be caused by a food intolerance. With a food intolerance sometimes caused by overindulgence, make sure you are not eating too much of the same food. It is important that you check out your food intolerances by taking an intolerance test or consulting your doctor.

Diagnosing a food intolerance

The elimination diet can help you identify a food intolerance. To do this, you must eliminate all suspected foods which have been highlighted on your intolerance test for between one and three weeks. After this has been done, you can then reintroduce a food, especially if it is a particular favourite, into your diet after the recommended six to eight weeks. Try to stick with it, being free of symptoms and this will be well worth it in the end.

What should you do if I have been diagnosed with food intolerance?

Food intolerances can be managed, so they are not the end of the world. By following an elimination diet you can learn to cope with your food intolerances by managing your intake of calories. You may be able to consume small quantities of the food, unlike people with allergies who must remove even the tiniest traces. The amount tolerated is very individual, and once you have discovered what is causing your symptoms, you will be able to learn how much it affects you.

Should you have any questions about your potential food intolerance, or if you are exhibiting any signs of a food intolerance then please log on to www.testyourintolerance.co.nz and have a chat with our Customer Service advisors.