Bread alternatives for gluten free diet - Test Your Intolerance New Zealand

Western people, including people from New Zealand suffer more and more from food intolerances, including gluten intolerance. If you suffer from digestive issues like bloating, gas, diarrhoea or even constipation and if you often have headaches or the feeling of being tired after eating gluten, you might suffer from gluten intolerance. There is a fast and easy way of finding out and the good news are you don´t even have to leave the house to see a doctor. Simply sign up at the website which is available in 26 different countries, including New Zealand. After signing up you can choose, in your case the gluten intolerance sector, and fill in the test submission which you´ll receive via email. Once filled out you only need to add a small hair sample and post it via mail. We can highly recommend the website as you´ll receive your test results within 7 working days and the website has already completed 370,000 tests worldwide with 99.5 satisfied customers.

Test Your Intolerance New Zealand

In the case you´re tested positive it´ll affect your food habits and you´ll have to know what kind of food contains gluten. Food which is generally not gluten free is bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta, breakfast cereals, pizza bases, and Kiwi loved pies. This might sound depressing and people often wonder what food is left to be eaten but there are naturally gluten free foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, eggs, rice, potatoes, milk, plain unprocessed meat, and corn. New Zealand and Australian manufactured products are only allowed to be labelled gluten free if they don’t contain any kind of gluten. This only refers to products manufactured in New Zealand and Australia and therefore products from other countries will often not be labelled. Kiwis on a gluten free diet should also pay attention for the Crossed Grain logo whilst shopping und try to avoid products which state “may contain gluten”. But don´t worry, there are plenty of gluten free bread and food alternatives which we can recommend for Kiwis. Countdown supermarkets offer home brand products including gluten-free banana bread mix, brownie mix, pizza dough mix, breakfast cereals, and flour and the popular brand Sanitarim offers gluten free Weet-Bix. Other food chains like New World and Bin Inn also offer a good range of gluten-free products nationwide. My Food Bag is a website which provides fresh food and recipes for a total of 5 gluten free dinners per week. Other great online shopping websites are Gluten Free Store, Naturally Organic, Naturally Organic and Cornucopia Carterton. Great alternatives for a gluten free diet are Rice Wraps, Sweet Potato Buns, Oopsie Bread, Corn Tortillas, Sourdough Bread, and Tempeh Bread.

Finally we would like to inform you about the Gluten Free Food and Allergy Show in Auckland and the Allergy Free & Healthy Living Expo in Wellington, Christchurch, and Auckland. Those exhibitions are dedicated to people with food allergy´s in New Zealand and offer the latest gluten-free products, food samples and provide professional advices.